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Yuasa-cho Channel office
331, Bessho, Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun, Wakayama
TEL. 0737-62-4171
FAX. 0737-63-5965
Yuasa-cho Channel office


Yuasa-cho Channel office bought very rare private water supply company nationwide in October, 1977 and developed water supply duties as town management Channel. Former kyubeisakikiyomesuijo continued sending water to Yuasa-cho and city area of Hirokawa-machi since it was built in 1970. However, with deterioration of facility, we started business by the third expansion business in March, 2001, and current kyubeisakikiyomesuijo was completed in June, 2002.

5,184 tons/day of clean water processing capacity
The water intake right      0, 06 tons/s
Total operating cost    865,480 1,000 yen
Number Name of device Contents of device
 Water landing well  We regulate quantity of water to adopt from river
 Rapid mixing basin  We make it easy to enter, and to stir medicine, and to set with small sand and garbage
 Sedimantation basin  We quiet small sand and garbage and remove
 Filtration pond  We filter water through gravel and sand and clean
 Medicine note room  We store medicines such as chlorine
 Electric control room  We display with automatic monitoring boards such as machines
 Pure water reservoir  We save water which became drinking water (basement)

Hirokawa intake

Hirokawa intake
We take in water to purify in kyubeisakikiyomesuijo from dam near Hirohashi appearing at Route 42. There is Hirokawa dam upstream, but, in the summertime, the rain may fall into shortage of water that there is few, and is chronic, too.
At the time of Hirokawa shortage of water

Yokota water purification plant

Yokota water purification plant
We hung in 54 from 1978 in order to cope with increase of water supply population of larger section of a village district, and Yokota water purification plant was built in the first, the second expansion business while we developed waterworks business as town-managed water supply from 1977. In late years when we look good, deterioration of facility advances, too, and maintenance is becoming difficult.

3,300 tons/day of clean water processing capacity
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