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Vaccination [person in charge of healthy employee services health promotion]

 Baby gets resistance (immunity) for disease from mother, but immunity has been lost from three these past months after birth. Baby makes immunity by oneself and must prevent disease. It is vaccination to do the help. There is "arbitrary vaccination" to decide whether "periodical vaccination" and protector recommending inoculation by law inoculate into vaccination. We notify of periodical vaccination individually from town at inoculation time. We read well, and please make "health of vaccination and child" to distribute to at the time of mother and child health handbook and birth not to make any inoculation leak.
Periodical inoculation by periodical vaccination preventive vaccination law
 For vaccination recommending inoculation in preventive vaccination law, there are hibu, Streptococcus pneumoniae, hepatitis B for children, four kinds of mixture, BCG, measles, rubella, chickenpox, Japanese encephalitis, nine kinds of uterine cervix cancer. When there are not valid prophylaxis and cure, and baby suffers from disease other than the vaccination, these might be aggravated. If it is inoculation time, we send individual notice from person in charge of healthy promotion. Inoculation is free.
Inoculation of any vaccination protector desired
 It was not established in preventive vaccination law, but, by vaccination said to that you should receive if possible, there are the mumps, rotaviral gastroenteritis. Inoculation expense is paid privately.
●Where do you receive?
 We are to receive vaccination with each medical institution. You see good time of physical condition of child, and please inoculate in family medicine.
●Let's decide schedule of inoculation
 We give top priority to physical condition of baby, and let's plan schedule of vaccination in consultation with family medicine.
●Check before going to vaccination
 □ Is physical condition of child good?

 □ Do you understand vaccination to receive?

 □ Did mother and child health handbook last?

 □ Pre-; examined, and did fill in vote?



Vaccination table

Vaccination table

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