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Facility where child goes to


1.Nursery school [healthy employee services child section]

1.Nursery school [healthy employee services child section]

When protector cannot take care of the baby by work in the daytime, nursery school is child welfare institution raising on behalf of protector every day.

Division Nursery school name The location Telephone Capacity Childcare start age Open time
Public Ta nursery school Ta 558-6 63-3050 45 1 year old child (from Monday to Friday) From 8:00 to 18:00
Mukaishima nursery school 2707, Yuasa 63-4153 90 Six months after birth (from Monday to Friday) From 7:00 to 19:00
Saturday from 7:00 to 17:30
bushaetsuhoikusho 1407, Yuasa 63-5045 90 1 year old child (from Monday to Friday) From 8:00 to 18:00
Private institution Sunflower nursery school 564-1, Yuasa 62-4997 120 sankyumei (from Monday to Saturday) From 7:00 to 19:00
There is holiday childcare

Application for nursery school method

Application for nursery school method
(1) We choose nursery school to hope for
We can observe if we contact each nursery school beforehand. In addition, please experience "quickly and healthily using open spaces".
(2) Application

We attach required document to healthy employee services child section or each nursery school and propose. We accept application of the next fiscal year in autumn every year at the time (we will tell by public information at reception desk time). Please apply for one where entrance on the way is hoped for in delivery plan and the year. (we accept at any time, but may not enter concerning capacity.)

※Documents which are necessary at the time of application

①Nursery school entrance application (in application window)

②Seal of protector

③Documents which prove that we cannot raise which are enough at homes such as working certificates

*When we do not know the taxation conditions of household by transference in town, we may ask for presentation such as taxation certificates.

Childcare charges

We are selected by hierarchy (we sort for the amount of municipal inhabitants tax) of belonging household of entrance child and age (age child) of entrance child. As for the payment, I would like fund transfer procedure of bank.

※"Single-parent household" of low income and "household where there is at-home person with a disability" (child) have reduction of taxes measures

2017 childcare charges (user burden)
2017 childcare charges ( 2016-11-16 ・ 70KB )

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