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If we are troubled with child care


Is concerned with child; have various consultations, and perform support (advice, instruction, facility entrance) suitable for each child. If it is child younger than 18 years, please feel free to consult in anything. We accept consultation from child.


Mother and the child health center

Mother and the child health center

(in front of government office) ☎63-2525

Community health nurse, dietician talk by the end of the morning of infants medical examination and every Wednesday.
In addition, community health nurse answers consultation over telephone.

Consultation reception desk: Community health nurse, dietician

Consultation day :Every Wednesday 9:00~12:00 (occasional on the telephone)

Consultation contents: Child care, health, the development

Local child care support center

☎63-6066 in Mukaishima nursery school

Childcare person about child care guide.

Consultation reception desk: Childcare person

Consultation day: Moon ~ gold 9:00~17:00

Consultation contents: About child care

Wakayama child, woman, person with a disability consultation center

Kemi, Wakayama-shi 1437-218☎073-447-1152

We are consulted and, about problem of child younger than 18 years, attach.

Consultation time: (weekdays) 9:00~20:00 (Saturday and Sunday, celebration) 9:00~16:30

Consultation contents: Every consultation about child

Wakayama development person with a disability support center Polaris

☎073-413-3200 in 3-5-41, Imabuku, Wakayama-shi love virtue medical care welfare center

We are consulted about child care and the development of child.

Consultation reception desk: Moon ~ iron (except the Wednesday morning)

      10:30~12:00, 13:00~16:00


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 Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun
 668-1, Aoki

  From 8:30 a.m.
   Until 5:15 p.m.
(shut agency on Saturday, Sundays and holidays)
 Number of the households 5,478 zone
 A population of 12,333 people
 Man    5,786 people
 Woman    6,547 people
    As of November 1, 2017
<<Yuasa-cho government office>> 〒 643-0002 668-1, Aoki, Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun, Wakayama TEL: 0737-63-2525 FAX: 0737-63-3791