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Citrus fruits


Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits
Sentence Court Security Office was surprised at Kishu in year with 20 generations, and mandarin orange was going to carry mandarin orange to Edo by bumper crop, but route to Edo of the year was blocked by storm. Carried to Edo, and lost mandarin orange was driven a hard bargain with by upward merchant, and price slumped very much.
We wound up mandarin orange with "bellows festival" to celebrate God of blacksmith's every year from roof of blacksmith's, and, in Edo, there were manners and customs to behave to people, but price of mandarin orange soared in those days because mandarin orange did not come from Kishu.
It was sentence Court Security Office to have fixed on this. He borrowed large sum of money and bought mandarin orange and gathered and repaired big boat. And sentence Court Security Office persuades sailors of crudeness, and prepare for death, and wrap the body in white clothing; wild; set sail in the sea trying to be. Sentence Court Security Office which was worthy of wind and rain across big wave finally arrive at Edo.
In the Edo era, short mandarin orange was sold highly, and general public praised when life-threatening carried to Edo in storm well. As for the state at that time, as for "that that it showed boat with a white sail that the offing was dark, even as for period no country mandarin orange ship." and the comical Japanese dance, it was sung, and there remained.
We carry salted salmon to the upper part again and open wood wholesale dealer for the capital in the Edo era, and, in the sentence Court Security Office, mandarin orange is called to the Edo era that we were able to obtain fame and fortune.
Sentence Court Security Office is said to be birth of Bessho, and there is "KIBUN Co., Ltd. monument" in Shorakuji of Bessho and runs Buddhist memorial service every year on anniversary of the death of sentence Court Security Office on April 24. There is "KIBUN Co., Ltd. teahouse" in place across Route 42, and there are mortuary tablet and "kiikokuokubunhidarieimonsei*koreji" of sentence Court Security Office and chopped leveling pole.

Citrus fruit of Yuasa

Citrus fruit of Yuasa
Kind of orange
Rare species which was named because we put on Mikata (three treasures) and were given to lord.
Kind of orange is the soil having been suitable and *shu of taste and excellence of cultivation technology
National 90% or more are produced now more in Wakayama by this, sono
Our about 2/3 is produced in Yuasa-cho.
Arida mandarin orange
Yuasa is big production center of satsuma mandarin orange. We have eaten.
Yuasa-cho is blessed with warm climate and the sun to pour into brightly,
Because the sea is near, the sea breeze carries mineral.
Mandarin orange which such a condition is high in sugar content with moderate acidity, and is juicy
We bring up. If it is autumn in Yuasa-cho, the neighboring mountains are golden
It is produced being dyed.

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