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Kinzanji-miso (kinzanjimiso)

Kinzanji-miso (kinzanjimiso)
The history of Kinzanji-miso is old, and kosokakushin of the Kamakura era passes to Soong
Repeat ascetic practices of Zen Buddhism, 1254 (1254) kakushin of Kishu Yura
When returned to founding a country temple, of processing miso which passed, and learned in Yamadera of Soong
We conveyed brewing.
Water is good, and the brewing is spread to Yuasa of climate suitable for miso structure soon afterwards.
Brewing which we took home with us from Soong is said to be the origin of current Kinzanji-miso.
We lick Kinzanji-miso and, with kind of miso, do not use as seasoning and are miso to eat as side dish.
We add ricemalt and salt to soybean and wheat and are taught.
We mix eggplant and gourd, shiso (shiso), ginger which we chopped finely there and brew.
We let you mature for 8-10 months after sealing cistern (pail), and Kinzanji-miso is completed.
Please appreciate the traditional skill and Kinzanji-miso fitted in technique.

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