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Soy sauce

kakushin (consecrated light Most Reverend Priest) in 1254 (1254) from Soong of Kinzanji-miso
Convey brewing method, but hishioyuzo rihasorekaramamonakuno
It was thing.
While make miso, juice red-brown at the upper part and the bottom of the miso pail
But, we noticed collecting. There was craftsman who was full of curiosity
We put on the juice on nodesho, finger-tip and licked.
Surprisingly, juice has taste, saltiness and sweetness and fragrance of fermentation
We did unique flavor in a certain richness.
While miso brewer of Yuasa makes Kinzanji-miso, kono
We continue studying while counting on red-brown juice,
Soy sauce would be done.
The number that is loaded at port for Osaka of Yuasa year by year
We continued increasing. In addition, in the Edo era of Tokugawa three branch families of the Tokugawa house Kishu feudal clan
Is under the protection, and soy sauce shop prospers as central industry of town, house
When 92 soy sauce person displayed the eaves in 1,000 Yuasa
We are informed.
In addition, to reclaim fishing ground in this time; many fishermen are Boso Peninsula
We emigrated to this, and the soy sauce brewing came, too. And it is various parts of Japan nisono
Process of manufacture spread out. In addition, it spread out from Yuasa to various parts of Japan
Soy sauce goes over the sea; as "soy source" on dining table of all parts of the world
We came to get nervous.

Several brewers stay now in town and become,
Not soy sauce mass-produced in factory, run more than one year; and slowly and carefully
Traditional process of manufacture by manual labor to teach is inherited ceaselessly
teimasu. We taught material selected carefully carefully slowly and carefully by hand
When soy sauce of Yuasa runs to sashimi, tofu served cold, taste of the material
We let you become more attractive. In addition, flavor of bean is felt, too and is really delicious.

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