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National pension


Person who takes out national pension system

Person who takes out national pension system

National pension system is system that all people from 20 years old to 60 years old take out.

Classification Explanation Example
First insured person  All one except issue third in Japan the second issue with address  Self-employed people, agriculture, student, part-time job, unemployment
The second issue person insured  Person who joins pension of workplace  Office worker, public employee
Third insured person  Spouse supported by the second issue person insured  Full-time homemaker (husband)

※Person who does not take out welfare annuities from 60 years old to 65 years old and Japanese to live in abroad can join voluntarily.


Payment of pension

Payment of pension

Pension benefit of national pension includes the following kinds.

Supply reason Pension benefit to be paid Reference (in the case of welfare annuity)

Old age

Old-age pension

The old age basics, welfare annuity


Impairment basic pension (the first grade, the second grade)

The obstacle basics, welfare annuity (the first grade, the second grade)
Impairment welfare pension (the third grade)
Obstacle solatium

The death

 Survivors' basic pension

Widow's pension
Lump sum to the family of the deceased

Survivor's welfare pension


Windows such as application, request of national pension

Windows such as application, request of national pension

As for the administration of national pension, Japanese pension system receives trust mainly from country.

At municipalities government office, we perform reception desks of request of report, application and pension from national pension first insured person soon, and Japan pension mechanism and cooperation cooperate and perform consultation about pension policy and pension record.

Report and request (main thing) to have you submit to municipalities government office

Such time Explanation We have you bring

When it became first insured person

rishita case that deviated from ri which we resigned from (we corresponded to 2 and disappeared), dependent of spouse (corresponded to 3, and disappeared) needs report.

Pension book, private seal
Documents which retirement (support cancellation) day understands

When we want you to release payment of premium

It is system that payment of premium releases by income of the person, spouse, family nurturer. As a general rule, July needs application every year.

Pension book, private seal
Quitting a job votes (when retire in this year, last year)

When we want to propose loading

When we add 400 yen to monthly premium and pay, it is structure which the amount of pension receipt is added to as number of the addition payment moon *200 yen = top-up pension (annual sum).

Pension book, private seal

When we want you to redeliver pension book

Window of procedure of first insured person becomes government office, but cannot issue immediately as it is as for the issuance in pension office.

Thing, private seal which understands number of pension
Identity verification documents (driver's licenses)

When payment of premium is difficult for student

It is system that payment of premium is reprieved by income of the person. As a general rule, April needs application every year.

Pension book, private seal
Student identification card (copying) or certificate of student registration

Request of old-age pension
(person having only first period)

When include welfare annuity and the third issue period in own record; pension office.

Pension book (the person, spouse), private seal
Bankbooks of the person

Request of impairment basic pension
(in the case of issue period first first medical examination day)

When there is first medical examination day during the third issue period and welfare annuity period; pension office.

Pension book, private seal, medical certificate
(please consult before request)


※Please note that thing having you bring may vary according to the situation.

※We can accept fund transfer offer, extra payment application (application to deliver past exemption period), non-supply request (procedure that the bereaved receive pension that was left when recipient died). For more details, please contact person in charge of healthy promotion.

※As a general rule, as for thing (issuance of payment notice, confirmation of nonpayment period) about payment of premium, thing (reissue of office action, change of address, financial institution) about pensioner, the thing (report about qualification transfer, request of pension) about welfare annuity, third insured person, pension office becomes window.


Pension consultation

Pension consultation

Consultation about pension, please use Japanese pension mechanism "nenkin dial".

  Phone number 0570-05-1165 (as for the IP telephone 03-6700-1165)

Request of pension and consultation by visit including pension estimated amount, please use 31-syllable Japanese poem Shanxi pension office.

  Address 〒 641-0035 2-1-43, Sekido, Wakayama-shi

  Telephone 073-447-1567 (main)

※We recommend that we have you confirm about necessary documents before visit including attached documents in case of case of consultation except the person and various procedures.

Viewpoint of office action and Q&A about pension policy are published.

  Japanese pension mechanism homepage from this

Pension consultation at government office

※We perform pension consultation at government office while cooperating, and cooperating with Japanese pension system (pension office). Depending on contents of inquiry, you ask Japanese pension system (pension office), and please note that you may have time to some extent.

※You know the number of pension and, in the case of pension consultation, bring (pension books) and identity verification documents (driver's licenses), private seal, and come to window. In the case of substitute person, we may find proxy. In addition, about inquiry over telephone, please note that there are contents which we cannot answer about thing about basic pension number and personal information such as the amount of pension.

※As you accept about consultation about viewpoint and contents of "nenkin regular service", application of "nenkin net", it is revealed (pension books), and number of pension brings identity verification documents (driver's licenses), private seal, and come to window.


Person in charge of healthy employee services health promotion


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