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Recreation information


Recreation information

Recreation information
Blessed with various fish class, how about fishing experience in Gulf of Yuasa who can expect catch throughout the year?
Expert captain leads to good fishing ground.
In addition, sea kayaking can have an experience on the stage of the Suhara shore appointed in west Arida Prefectural nature park, too. As he/she instructs from the beginning, beginner is reliable, too. Uninhabited island, karimo (though we cut) island aim, and they are departure after exercise. It is the powerful charm of sea kayaking experience to be seen close in this island where Myoe (myoe) holy priest trained himself/herself.
We can enjoy sea bathing at the Suhara (suhara) shore in summer.

■Inquiry 0737-63-2525 (Yuasa-cho Sightseeing Association)

We enjoy hot spring of bosom of a mountain

We enjoy hot spring of bosom of a mountain
There is outworks of a castle hot spring of building of log house in bosom of a mountain that is full of green. 50 people have open-air bath and inside bath of hinoki that can well take a bath in hall, and stiff shoulder or neuralgia can thoroughly enjoy hot spring with effect.
Mineral water drawer ground in front of the entrance hall is popular.
In addition, there is Mt. Yamada log house in place that went up some mountains from outworks of a castle hot spring. Mountain hut-like building among forests is fully equipped with bath and toilet, kitchen in every direction and is like villa.
Healing effect is outstanding if we enjoy by outworks of a castle hot spring and set.

■Outworks of a castle hot spring

Telephone /0737-64-1826
Address / 1638-1, Yamada, Yuasa-cho


■Mt. Yamada log house

Telephone /0737-63-4010
Address / 1638-1, Yamada, Yuasa-cho


It is lord feeling at the lodgings with the castle tower

It is lord feeling at the lodgings with the castle tower
Yuasa castle where popular one of Yuasa is built on hill overlooking Gulf of Yuasa.
The lodgings built near Yuasa Castle trace that military commander Muneshige, Yuasa of the Kamakura era was based in comprise the castle tower of white wall, and castle is the same. Corridor around courtyard, scenery of town and Kii water supply of Yuasa to see far are refreshing.
Simple sulfur spring which bath is bath of Yuasa hot spring, and is effective against chronic dermatopathia or muscular pain. There is, and only bathing can use air bubbles hot water and jet bus in a day.

■Yuasa Castle

Telephone /0737-63-6688
Address / 75, Aoki, Yuasa-cho


Yuasa Castle park keeping in various sports

Yuasa Castle park keeping in various sports
It is very large sports park adjacent to Yuasa Castle.
Including "nagino village Stadium with area of middle wing 121m," seven tennis courts and indoor gateball field belonging to roof and multipurpose sports facility is prepared more with townsman ground.
As promenade is maintained, walk around the Yuasa Castle is recommended, too.

■Yuasa Castle park

Telephone /0737-63-6688

(Yuasa Castle)
Address / 75, Aoki, Yuasa-cho


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