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Town walk model course


Town walk model course

Town walk model course
It is approximately 15 minutes on foot from JR Yuasa Station to Yuasa, Yuasa-cho traditional buildings preservation district (judendatejiku).
We sail across Kumano Kodo Street (way town street) on the way.
Please take a walk while seeing appearance of houses relaxedly if we enter judendatejiku.
Displaying lattice "bamboo steamer museum." There are closed place using old house in the town or museum of godown style. Please turn foot to not only large street but also alley called alley alley (you occur and grow on).
We can taste atmosphere that totally skidded in time.

It is rent-a-bicycle in Yuasa station square multi-purpose open space

It is rent-a-bicycle in Yuasa station square multi-purpose open space
We leave JR Yuasa Station and are immediate.
We rent guidebook and bicycle in hall. Cityscape walk is recommended by bicycle relaxedly easily, too.
Rent-a-bicycle for free (ten)
There is restroom
Normal car approximately ten parking that there is parking lot in is possible
There is quick-charger for electric car
●Inquiry 0737-63-4123

We walk with professional reciter

We walk with professional reciter
Professional reciter
Love Yuasa, and have deep knowledge about Yuasa; "Yuasa
Do you not take a walk through town with professional reciter of association of guide?
It will be that thought to this ground is ticked away in heart more deeply if we walk while hearing the history and life, anecdote that town and each building walked.
●Inquiry Yuasa-cho Sightseeing Association
(Yuasa-cho industry Tourism Division) 0737-63-2525
Tateishi signpost
Tateishi signpost of way town
Vertical hail which we let you be, and how about of town which how about
It is signpost in Kumano Highway roadside town (approximately 2m in height). Erection is (1838) in 1838. "We shirr and buy (Koya, Ise), and it is ticked away with "kimiidera" (Kimiidera) in way" east side in seat for a subject by "immediate (honest =) Yando" southern aspect and is lighted up at night.
Tateishi teahouse
Tateishi teahouse tateishichaya
It is rest station which repaired house in the town where is in the latter half of the Edo era built at the opposite angle of Tateishi signpost.
There is restroom
Kitanomachi Rojin Ikoi no Ie
Kitanomachi Rojin Ikoi no Ie
Utility room and restroom to have local people and visitors conjugate widely are maintained.
There is restroom
Six which there is juxtaposition parking lot in
Yuasa important traditional buildings preservation area rest station
Okasho okasho
Tourist information center at corner of according to Kajiyamachi and Kitamachi Street.
It was liquor shop of name called "Okasho" originally.
In the restroom, Kitanomachi Rojin Ikoi no Ie, parking lot in meeting, please use visitor P in across.
Kitamachi Fureai Gallery
Kitamachi contact
It is the gallery who served as rest station showing classic appearance. Brochure of Yuasa is available.
There is restroom
It is soy sauce from last years of Edo era to prewar days
We ran brewing.
Building is thing which is in the latter half of the Edo era,
Now production of Kinzanji-miso,
We sell.
Four parking lot existence
Daisen moat
Do not title daisenkutsu; overcharge
The past is shifu where we pile up and are of soy sauce
We were at the head of people.
Soy sauce of Yuasa is the whole country from here
It was carried heto.
Moat of piling-stones and soy sauce which stands in a row
Taste that storehouse seems to be Yuasa
We bring on.
Mayor of corner
Corner long corner butterfly
It is long-established store of the soy sauce brewing founded in (1841) in 1841. Old tool used for the soy sauce brewing is displayed, and craftsman storehouse (1866 /1866) facing the street can observe. Document, diorama panel is displayed, and the making of soy sauce is introduced by soy sauce museum of juxtaposition clearly. There is parking lot
History museum
Jinn-buro bath to pitch a camp at
It is public bath which was open from the late Tokugawa period to 1985. We save with house of manager and are restored to the original state and are released as museum conveying life at the time.
There is restroom

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(shut agency on Saturday, Sundays and holidays)
 Number of the households 5,447 zone
 A population of 12,110 people
 Man    5,688 people
 Woman    6,422 people
 As of November 1, 2018
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