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Privacy policy


Privacy policy

Privacy policy
Yuasa-cho government office ("Honcho" as follows.) thinks trust from user to be first and is thinking that it is duty that is important to us to handle information to be concerned with individual of user in accuracy and secret. Therefore we establish "privacy policy" about personal information of user and will practice enforcement to personnel about privacy policy method. The content is as follows. In addition, about personal information that we already hold in Honcho and use, we carry out privacy policy of user according to this policy.
Privacy Policy
(1) The acquisition of personal information
Honcho collects personal information by legitimate and fair means. In our fair scope of business, we collect personal information in limit that is necessary for the achievement of purpose after having disclosed purpose of collection, contents of the use beforehand when we ask user for personal provision of information.
(2) The use of personal information and the joint use
We use personal information that Honcho took as far as we got consent from person who had personal information as far as it went along collection purpose again. About use purpose, the use is aimed for matter necessary for the achievement of purpose within our fair business in the following "ranges of use purpose".
●About range of use purpose
・When we do on-the-job notification
・When we work as guide about service that Honcho deals with
・When we do correspondence from user to inquiry or request
・In addition, in the case of purpose that told user beforehand, and had agreement
●About the use except the purpose mentioned above
About the use, we shall have agreement of user unless it is permitted by laws and ordinances when it is necessary to use personal information of user in purpose except the above.
(3) Third party offer of personal information
Honcho does not perform personal provision of information of user to third party without agreement of user. But it is not this limit when there is exceptional circumstances such as statutory duty that Honcho should obey by law or other models applied to personal information.
(4) Procedures such as disclosure, correction of personal information
When inquiry, correction, deletion are requested about personal information that had you provide by user, please request to reference window. Disclosure, correction delete personal information of user within rational period only when the person of user except cases to affect that are remarkable for duties of Honcho the request concerned can confirm what it depends on.
About the observance of laws and ordinances, model about protection of personal information
Honcho observes personal information protection connection laws and ordinances applied about personal information that Honcho holds and norms. In addition, we judge this policy by law of Japan, other models. This policy determines basic policy about privacy policy of Honcho and acts as Honcho for protection of personal information based on laws and ordinances, models such as the Personal Information Protection Laws in conformity with this policy.
About safety management measures of personal information
We protect Honcho from unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation, leak of personal information and maintain regime to find accuracy and safety and carry out appropriate safety measures. It limits entrance of outsider in office dealing with personal information and carries out education enlightenment activity for all the members such as officer, the staff concerned with personal information protection of Honcho and we put administrator and act for appropriate management of personal information.
About continuous improvement
We review continuously, and Honcho carries out improvement to deal with change of laws and ordinances that you should obey of Japan, and to cope with method, environmental change about approach to personal information protection.
We accept inquiry about privacy policy at the following window.
[personal information handling window]
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