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Kumano Kodo Street


Kumano Kodo Street

Kumano Kodo Street
We leave JR Kii-Miyahara Station, and there is lieutenant general profit life temple (advantageous Shoji) related to Princess when we cross Miyahara Ohashi that "acts violently, and suffers from river" and the Arida River which was afraid of as for the past. In the outskirts, village of thread me (we are and polish) which became stage of the novel "Arida River" of Sawako Ariyoshi opens, and, in the way, it is through Prince Itoga in uphill slope to thread me Pass.

We arrive at Saka River (sakagawa) prince when we go down way while it is healed by scenery of Gulf of Yuasa to overlook from thread me Pass. This prince is written for "going out note" that Sadaie Fujiwara according to Kumano going out of rear Toba ex-emperor wrote down with "Prince sakasama". Furthermore, near one Tsudo (hozuto) mountain pass where we went ahead through way to, there is propagating Buddhism well where propagating Buddhism Great Teacher legend remains.

We go down one Tsudo Pass, and center of Yuasa is immediate if we walk along the Yamada River and cross Hokuei Bridge. Let's enjoy time to go round thought to ancient morality that walked in spite of being case in old cityscape of way town street where important traditional buildings preservation district and Tateishi signpost (vertical hail which we let you be, and how about) stand in breath slowly.



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[Yuasa-cho government office]
 Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun
 668-1, Aoki

  From 8:30 a.m.
   Until 5:15 p.m.
(shut agency on Saturday, Sundays and holidays)
 Number of the households 5,447 zone
 A population of 12,110 people
 Man    5,688 people
 Woman    6,422 people
 As of November 1, 2018
<<Yuasa-cho government office>> 〒 643-0002 668-1, Aoki, Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun, Wakayama TEL: 0737-63-2525 FAX: 0737-63-3791