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Important traditional buildings preservation district

Yuasa-cho prospers as post town of Kumano Kodo Street leading to Kumano Miyama, and Kumano Kodo Street is known as town going along mall alone. Yuasa whom there was at important position in traffic enters in the early modern times and gradually accomplishes development as commercial city. Of course, it is soy sauce to have made the nucleus. It is said to be opening of Japanese soy sauce at the present to have been born from "Kinzanji-miso" which Buddhist priest with ascetic practices told in Chinese Soong in the Kamakura era, and Kishu Yuasa is known with "the soy sauce birthplace".

East and west approximately 400m that the arrangement of houses to feel tradition of the soy sauce brewing including storehouse, lattice door and insect basket window of white wall remained, the whole area of north and south approximately 280m were chosen in "important traditional buildings preservation district" in 2006 by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Town which developed mainly on commerce and industry including the soy sauce brewing still leaves allotment of grounds and is that was detected that it is valuable that solid cityscape that we hang in modern times from the early modern times leave historic natural beauty well.

Splendid nature and town of Yuasa to be fragrant, and to drift of soy sauce are with nostalgia and still towns where they continue sending tradition and culture to powerfully.

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