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Muneshige, Yuasa (yuasamuneshige)

Muneshige, Yuasa (yuasamuneshige)

It is samurai who runs early in the Kamakura era from the Heian era, and played an active part in stronghold in Yuasa.

It is famous, and, in Yuasa party around Muneshige, it is said that trust of Yoritomo was warm to account of war even after becoming the Kamakura Shogunate to Kiyomori Taira from the power in the times of Taira.

In addition, on one side of bravery, Takashi sincerity worked as the gods and Buddha and performed repair and erection of Shinto shrine, temple and had profile which we protected carefully.

Grandchild wins Myoeshonin to introduce next.


Myoeshonin myoeshonin

Myoeshonin myoeshonin
Buddhist priest of the Kamakura first half year. We became a priest at the age of 16 years old and learned in Kyoto, Nara, but, in disfavor with trend to demand only fame and fortune, we came back to Yuasa at 23 years old and worked for one cultivation and study in mountains.

We enter ho in Suhara white and we put up thatched hut in higashihakujoho more and worked hard at cultivation, but ascetic practices there are severe at all, and trim the right ear to wipe out all earthly desires.

Ex-Emperor rear Toba gives land later and revives in Kyoto, Kousanji. Unkei who was famous as master craftsman of Buddhist image in that whom you should want to be converted to, Kaikei was to and others so that many people told the-based etiquette Empress Dowager beginning with personality from people who had high digit to general public.

In addition, holy priest was good at 31-syllable Japanese poem and took elegant nickname called "poet of month" as there were many songs of month.


Kakubee Suhara (suharakakubee)

Kakubee Suhara (suharakakubee)
Kakubee Suhara mansion trace

The present head of a household of Suhara house called himself/herself corner soldier of the Imperial Guard from generation to generation. The first generation reclaimed fishing ground of Boso and opened fishing ground of Ezo (Hokkaido) more for the fifth generation and opened Karafuto and regular line between Hokkaido, Soya for the sixth generation, and each generation opened fishing ground to Karafuto, Chishima.

In this way, we contributed to northern development, and way of influential person of the Suharas at the time is indicated we worked for the defense that we comprised for the cleaning of mountain village and invasion in Russia on the neighborhood of Hakodate.


Suharaya Mohee (suharayamohee)

Suharaya Mohee (suharayamohee)

Suharaya Mohee is the head office present head of a household of bookstore "Suharaya of" Edo that published "dismantling new book" of Genpaku Sugita for the fourth generation.

We ran medicine wholesale dealer and the publishing business from generation to generation in the Edo era, and the Suharas of Suhara-mura was popular with samurai and sophisticates of hilly section.  Achievement that decided publication for future in Japan is appreciated in those days though "dismantling new book" was thing with the risk to be charged with crime.


Kaiso Kikuchi (Kikuchi Kaisou)

Kaiso Kikuchi (Kikuchi Kaisou)
Kaiso Kikuchi mansion trace

We got close to poetry while we ran sugar, medicine wholesale dealer following business in the Edo era, and Kaiso Kikuchi who was born in Suhara founded kohekiginsha in hometown. Famous poet visited here and became group of poetry that was famous in the whole country.

In addition, we concluded friendship with Kazan Watanabe, Shozan Sakuma, Heihachiro Oshio and others and knew the domestically world situation and we cast materials by starvation of the Tenpo era and woke up public works and saved refugees, unemployed person.


Ryuo Kamata (Kamata Ryuou)

Ryuo Kamata (Kamata Ryuou)

It was uncle, and willow Fuke who received high evaluation as one of the superior philosophers of Edo period learned popularized ethics and medicine from one window which was step father.

Willow Fuke knew China, Japanese classical literature again and wrestles energetically in medicine, astrodynamics, field such as biology and it is psychological and is completed in unique science with scientific explanation.


Isso Kamata (Kamata Isso)

Isso Kamata (Kamata Isso)

When we were young, we moved to Kyoto, and we learned, and one window from Yuasa way town did medicine with main profession. On the other hand, we devoted ourselves to popularized ethics that was fresh study as the view of human being at the time, and Ume Ishida learned severely. umeiwabo came and kept former house afterward and founded scheme building again in each place and tried for the spread of popularized ethics, and there was Arinobu building in Yuasa.

It means that personality and statement were loved and respected by people.


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