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Administrative guidance


General Administration Division (TEL64-1108)

General Administration Division (TEL64-1108)

General Administration Division has person in charge of general affairs, financial person in charge, person in charge of administration.

◆Person in charge of general affairs performs office work such as personnel affairs, salary of the staff, call, notification, disaster prevention, firefighting team of assembly, fair committee, board of elections, head of a ward communication meeting or road safety.

◆Financial person in charge performs application office work about issuance of the financial statements situation of town compilation of the budget and town finance, thing about grant, grant tax and town bonds.

◆Person in charge of administration performs management of town property, bid, registration work of the article purchase.


Town development Planning Division (TEL64-1112)

Town development Planning Division (TEL64-1112)

Town development Planning Division has person in charge of town development plan.

◆We wake up long-term comprehensive plan, plan, drafting of town master plan, making of public information, office work about various statistics, Yuasacho town, and person in charge of town development plan performs administration, sister city of communication meeting, office work about secretary of the mayor.


 ● "Yuasa-cho town, person, work wound straight broad strategic view" (October, 2015 development)


Tax Affairs Section (TEL64-1106)

Tax Affairs Section (TEL64-1106)

Tax Affairs Section has person in charge of taxation, person in charge of collection.

◆Person in charge of taxation is in charge of grants of fixed assets-related certificates such as taxation business (we notify after having made a decision that it is taxation or tax exemption to have we calculate tax amount, and taxpayer put tax) such as light vehicle tax, residence tax (town, prefectural tax) of town tax, corporation inhabitants (townsman) tax, bath tax, tobacco tax and national health insurance tax, taxation business or property tax cadaster entry certificate (evaluation certificate) of property tax, urban planning tax.

In addition, we perform grant of income (taxation) certificate, tax-free certificate, certificates such as tax payment certificates.

※About procedure to affect qualifications of National Health Insurance, we become person in charge of inhabitants Environment Division National Health Insurance pension.

◆Person in charge of collection is in charge of receipt duties of town tax and national health insurance tax, nonpayment rearranging.


Inhabitants Environment Division (TEL64-1102)

Inhabitants Environment Division (TEL64-1102)

Inhabitants Environment Division has person in charge of inhabitants, person in charge of National Health Insurance pension, environmental person in charge, person in charge of facility hygiene, human rights promotion room.

◆Person in charge of inhabitants performs various reports (transference, transference, moving, the marriage, divorce, birth, the death, others), koseki*, abridgment, grant, seal registration of resident's card and office work such as proof, alien registration.

Person in charge of National Health Insurance pension performs grant of identification of recipient of elderly aged 75 or over medical care, old man medical expenses, infants, child medical expenses, severe person of mind and body child with a disability medical expenses, single-parent home medical expenses and supply office work of medical expenses commencing with the acquisition, the loss of National Health Insurance and payment of medical expenses. In addition, we perform participation of national pension and office work about various application.

◆Environmental person in charge conducts general affairs to be concerned with collection of garbage by type and reduction, recycling promotion, environment including spread of merger processing septic tanks promotion for quality of the water maintenance towards "beautiful town Yuasa". In addition, we perform management of sterilization, park in the prevention, town of registration, rabies of management, dog of public bathhouse, town management graveyard, the site of a religious service.

◆We install human rights promotion room for discriminatory citizen-based town planning livable brightly that there is not. Also, consultation office work of the issue of various human rights and collection, dispatch of information about human rights, respect for human rights committee perform office work about Civil Rights Commissioner. In addition, we work on human rights enlightenment business (event).


Healthy employee services (TEL64-1120)

Healthy employee services (TEL64-1120)

Healthy employee services have person in charge of welfare, person in charge of health, person in charge of care insurance, child section, Local Elderly Care Management Center.

◆As for the person in charge of welfare, it is lived application reception desk to use welfare of persons with disabilities service, grant of physical disability notebook, nursing notebook

 Of protection application, the mother and the child, the widow welfare, welfare for elderly, single life elderly person measures and nursing home for the elderly entrance, old man rest

 We do management of house, public welfare children's committee, community welfare business.

◆Person in charge of health grant of maternity record book, supply, inoculation of parturient medical treatment, a lot of cancer examination, infants medical examination, health consultation,

 We perform grant of mental health welfare notebook, application of independence support medical care, blood donation business.

◆Application reception desk, investigation, examination, authorization and cover of 65 years or older for person in charge of long-term care insurance to use care service

 We perform issuance of identification of insurer, levy, the collection of premium.

◆Office work about administration of each nursery school as for the child section in the town block and children's allowance, office work about Child Rearing Allowance after school

 We perform child healthy upbringing business, office work about child abuse prevention.

◆Local Elderly Care Management Center is care management of long-term care prevention business and slight person requiring nursing care, a lot of of elderly person

 We perform consultation, prevention of abuse of elderly person, right protection business. It is line by long-term care prevention, exercises business of elderly person



Health promotion classroom is this place


General center (TEL63-4152)

General center (TEL63-4152)
General center and each Cultural Center perform consultation in various life, administration of various classrooms such as flower arrangement, dish, literacy, support of golden age club, rental of funerals and festivals tool to contribute to the making of rich community through enlightenment of human rights awareness, promotion of inhabitants interchange, improvement of community welfare.

Construction section (TEL64-1124)

Construction section (TEL64-1124)

Construction section has administration, engineering team, person in charge of land ownership investigation.

◆Administration carries out investigation, private use such as road, harbor, fishing port, river, office work about management and building certification, city planning, bid, building of council house and management.

◆Engineering team manages design, the enforcement such as town construction and community engineering works business such as road repair to perform alone, fishing port relations business, agriculture and forestry (reclamation) business. In addition, we perform office work about house repair in the town block or design, enforcement management and house about repair, earthquake-resistant repair of building.

◆Person in charge of land ownership investigation investigates owner, lot number, map, area of lot about land and border, and land ownership book, land-register map is made based on the investigation and will be provided for registry office.


Industrial Tourism Division (TEL64-1128)

Industrial Tourism Division (TEL64-1128)

Industrial Tourism Division has industrial person in charge, person in charge of sightseeing, biography-built promotion room.

◆Person in charge of industry conducts affairs about promotion of agriculture, the marine products industry, management, agriculture committee of fishing port.

◆Person in charge of sightseeing performs Yuasa-cho Sightseeing Association, administration of Yuasacho special product promotion meeting, office work about various events other than duties such as central city area activation, promotion of sightseeing, commerce and industry, natural park.

◆Biography-built promotion room utilizes traditional buildings preservation district system by Cultural Properties Protection Law and wrestles for town development to convey historic cityscape including preservation inflection of traditional building in history.


●We support founding (company)


●Direct payment system state of implementation of intermediate and mountainous area


●Yuasa-cho agriculture committee


Water supply office (TEL62-4171)

Water supply office (TEL62-4171)

And it is stable with tap water (clean water) which townsmans cannot miss in life safely in each home and, in water supply office, does what we supply with water with main jobs. There are engineering team, person in charge of general affairs in water supply office.

◆Engineering team carries out facility management and construction.

◆Person in charge of general affairs performs receipt duties of rate and duties about the name of water supply user.


Assembly (TEL64-1118)

Assembly (TEL64-1118)

On behalf of inhabitants, assembly examines important item of Yuasa-cho, and they are organization to decide. We are comprised of member of the Diet of ten fixed number, and there are quarterly ordinary assembly and extraordinary session of a local assembly opened as needed. We refer method of the deliberation to plenary session examination and special committee which is set up each time, and examination, investigation are performed.

In addition, we install Assembly Steering Committee to push forward administration of assembly smoothly.


The Board of Education (TEL63-1111)

The Board of Education (TEL63-1111)

The Board of Education has person in charge of general affairs, person in charge of lifelong learning.

◆Also, the opening of a meeting of the Board of Education, the authorization, report pertaining to school education, thing about attendance at school, thing about education consultation conduct affairs about school meal that there is person in charge of person in charge of person in charge of general affairs, instruction, lunch center to person in charge of general affairs and can perform the working of education in kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school smoothly.

◆To person in charge of lifelong learning, there is person in charge of person in charge of person in charge of lifelong learning, child society instruction, health and physical education, facility administration and carries out promotion and public hall activity of lifelong learning, sports promotion, culture promotion, protection of cultural assets, fitness upbringing business of child student, administration of municipality library.


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