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Greetings of the mayor


Message from Mayor Yuasa

Message from Mayor Yuasa

Our town Yuasa prospered as the soy sauce birthplace.

In addition, Gulf of Yuasa that is treasure house of taste, saba, whitebait

The mountains which are produced of delicious citrus fruits such as this or kind of orange

We are surrounded by this and are endowed with natural environments.

From ancient times as post town of Kumano Kodo Street of land transport, marine transportation

It prospered in fishery and commerce and industry as important base.

We try for the first time for town of the brewing of soy sauce in 2006,

We are chosen in "important traditional buildings preservation district" of country,

We try for preservation of historic cityscape.

When we push forward town development of reliable security and are with townsmans

Approach that made use of charm of Yuasa in this to the maximum

We can go ahead.

Is full of nature by all means; the soy sauce birthplace full of history atmosphere

Come to "yuasa".

Mayor Yuasa Akiyoshi Ueyama (Mt. top Akiyoshi)

We look forward to opinion, suggestion for town administration.

We look forward to opinion, suggestion for town administration.

The government gives wisdom and power in solidarity and, in town, wants to wrestle with townsmans for opener town planning. Therefore, we set up email so that townsmans was informed by the mayor and the government opinion and suggestion casually.

As, about opinion, suggestion contents, answer as much as possible, of correct contact information please fill out.

In addition, please note that you cannot answer about email judged that marketing, publicity work, slander slander is included.

In addition, we add as inquiry about duties of government office responds than department in charge.


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 Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun
 668-1, Aoki

  From 8:30 a.m.
   Until 5:15 p.m.
(shut agency on Saturday, Sundays and holidays)
 Number of the households 5,447 zone
 A population of 12,110 people
 Man    5,688 people
 Woman    6,422 people
 As of November 1, 2018
<<Yuasa-cho government office>> 〒 643-0002 668-1, Aoki, Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun, Wakayama TEL: 0737-63-2525 FAX: 0737-63-3791