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Picture of the 30th anniversary of sister city tie-up

Picture of the 30th anniversary of sister city tie-up
Various business was performed in commemoration of what sister city tie-up with  Yuasa-cho, American Minnesota Cambridge City, bra ham city invited the 30th anniversary to in March, 2016.

Magazine of the 30th anniversary of the sister city

Magazine of the 30th anniversary of the sister city
Magazine cover of the 30th anniversary
We issued magazine of the 30th anniversary of sister city tie-up.
We can download PDF file from this.

Business of the 30th anniversary of sister city tie-up

Business of the 30th anniversary of sister city tie-up
We held Cambridge City, bra ham city visit group dispatch briefing session
 Member who visited Cambridge City, bra ham city reported state of interchange in Cambridge City, bra ham City toward guest, participants. We are very grateful to all people who had you make an effort for sister city interchange, many various places that, also, had cooperation for this both cities visit until now.
We visited Cambridge City of the 30th anniversary of sister city tie-up, bra ham city
 In commemoration of the sister city tie-up 30th anniversary, representative from Yuasa-cho, representative of Yuasa-cho assembly,, everybody, 12 people of member of Yuasa international cultural exchange association in total visited both cities for promotion of international exchange until Sunday on 28th from Tuesday, August 23.
We planned local various places and interchange through sports and game, attendance to commemorative ceremony of Cambridge City, inspection, homestay of city company.
 It was attended at commemorative ceremony approximately 50 people, and speech of the Mayor of Cambridge, greetings of visit leader, member, exchange of souvenir were performed. Finally we sang Japanese representative song "cherry tree Sakura" with all the attendants and swelled very much.
 On the second day, we visited bra ham city after the inspection of city company, and greetings of the Mayor of bra ham, greetings of Leader visit, member, exchange of souvenir were performed.
 On the third day, we visited Minnesota state fair that was festival of livestock products largest in the United States. (as for the number of the visitors on the day approximately 140,000)
 It was at good opportunity to deepen relationship of mutual trust with both cities more by having contacted with many various places and culture of Cambridge City, bra ham city this time.
 We plan both cities and interchange through various business and will build better relations in future.
Symposium of the 30th anniversary of sister city tie-up was held
 In this year, Yuasa-cho, Cambridge City, bra ham city do town affiliation and reach the 30th anniversary. On year of memorable knot, we held commemorative symposium to celebrate with townsmans.
 Title about "promotion of international exchange" than Yuasa-cho Board of Education Kakiuchi Board of Education Superintendent, and, as commemorative lecture, have story about grass-roots trace of international exchange that began from interchange of students of durability High School, of teachers and Yuasa international cultural exchange association of durability High School, also, realized in what was able to invite the 30th anniversary to by effort of inhabitants, cooperation some other time, and refreshed feeling for development of interchange in the future, everybody.

We introduce sister city

We introduce sister city
Cambridge City United States Minnesota
 Cambridge City is located in Minnesota in the north most in the United States and is one eye Santi county of 11 counties in Minnesota's greatest city. Latitude is about the same as northernmost Wakkanai of Japan, and winter temperature becomes -20 degrees.
 As for the area, lamb river streams from the north down the south at 19.89㎢, the center of Cambridge City, and fishing and canoe are performed flourishingly. As for the population, grids such as expressways are maintained in 8,496 people at location of 72km to the north from Minneapolis that is metropolis of Minnesota, and there is population in tendency to increase because convenience is good.
Bra ham city United States Minnesota
 Bra ham city is in Minnesota, the United States as well as Cambridge City and is located in 19km north from Cambridge City. As for the area, about 4.2㎢, population are 1,796 people.
 Homemade pie is famous, and bra ham city celebrates first Friday of August grandly as day of pie. On this day, events such as branch, music or game of food are held other than various pies.
The sister city tie-up signing ceremony was held on March 15, 1986 (Showa 61)
Interchange with durability high school and American Minnesota Cambridge High School developed into sister city interchange between municipalities, and the signing ceremony was performed in Cambridge High School hall of Cambridge City on March 15, 1986.
Deputy Mayor acting mayor of Teranishi Ota and Mayor of sea camping at the time signed identification of signing while 23 students, two teachers, inhabitants of leading of durability high school, 31 people of six Representative Yukimasa in total visited Cambridge City as visit corps from Yuasa-cho, and many citizens watched.

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